Coogans Race

Coogans Race

Sunday, July 20, 2014

I'm Still here Homiezzzz :)

Hey Everyone.
  life has been um hectic. I have moved, started a new career and am still in school. I got to prioritize and put some time in this blog. Anyhoot below is a couple of my exercise excursions from my long blogging hiatus. I got more stuff to post soon. Please stay tuned.
Until next time Fitties,
Finally ran the route for the Throggs Neck Bridge. Will bike next time.

Really thought I ran to Fire Island, LOL.

I'm still on a beach. Yeah, I couldn't believe it either LOL.

Plants on a beach???? Really need to go over the Botany chapter in my Bio book.


My friend's first pride run. Isn't her haircut awesome???

Me and my BGR homiez at the Pride run!!!!!!

Queens 10K.

My BGR homiez at the Oakley 10K.

Me living up to my name. Pink bagels, nuff said.

This pic is my fav. This was my homie's first half marathon.

My 1st Spartan Race, this definitely won't be my last.

Hill Repeats :(

My bike :)

One really tasty burger.

Today's biking excursion.