Coogans Race

Coogans Race

Friday, December 6, 2013

Hey guys,
  sorry I did not post yesterday. I decided to take a rest day and focus on my personal statement for grad school. Anyhoot, today's workout was the Insanity plyometric workout. All I can say is that those level one drills are killa. Note to self increase upper body strength. In addition to Insanity I performed 30 burpees (very slowly) and did some ab work.

How is everyone's workouts going? I want to hear what everyone is doing so we can encourage each other. Happy working out peoples.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hola homies,
   so I decided to step out of my exercise routine and tried the insanity class at my gym. Let me tell you this class was kray-kray, thank God it was only for 30 minutes. I usually do insanity in my house by myself where I can take breaks and well um..... slack off. However, with the instructor I had at the gym slacking off was not an option...which was good :). Well, I'm sore and tired right now so off to bed for me.
Below is a list of exercises I did in addition to insanity today.

Back, triceps and shoulder workout

Triceps press down (3 sets of 12 going up in 10 lb increments each set) Started 1st set @ 40lbs
Pullups (3 sets of 2 using the pullup machine with 60 lb help)
Wide grip lat pull down (3 sets of 10 going up in 10 lb increments each set) Started 1st set @ 50 lbs
V grip cable row ( 4 sets of 10 going up in 10 lb increments each set) Started 1st set @ 40 lbs
Front raise (3 sets of 12 @ 10 lbs each arm)
W raise (3 sets of 12 @ 7.5 lbs each arm)
Rows (3 sets of 7 @ 45 lbs each arm)
Overhead press ( 3 sets of 6 25 lbs each arm)
 Back extensions ( 5 sets of 10 with a 25 lb weight)

Abdominal work
Planks (middle, left and right sides) 30 seconds each
Hanging leg raise ( 3 sets of 15)

30 burpees for Spartan challenge

How is everyone doing with their workouts? Please post so we can encourage one another.
a very tired YumYum

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hey everyone,
   sorry no selfies today. However, I still was able to get my workout in. My workout consisted of a 3 mile tempo run with my #blackgirlsrun crew, a heavy leg circuit and a high resistance spin workout. Below is a list of exercises I performed.

Tuesday's Workout
3 mile track run
15 minute spin(cycle) on high resistance
30 burpees (30 for 30 spartan burpee challenge)

plie' squats (3 sets of 8) using 50 lbs
Regular squats (6 sets of 10) using 100 lbs
Deadlifts (3 sets of 12) using 100 lbs
Figure eights (3 sets of 20 per leg) using 15 lb kettlebell
Kickbacks (3 sets of 20 each leg) using resistance band
Butt bridges (3 sets of 30) using 15 lb kettlebell

V-ups (25)
Pulse-ups (15)
Kick downs (15)
Plank (3 sets of 20 sec)
Flutter Kicks (20)
Roman Twists (30)

Let me know what you did today and how great you feel:)


Monday, December 2, 2013

Hey everyone,
    my name is Kernita, but I typically go by the name of YumYum. It is 2013 and I am just entering the blog universe. I know, I know I'm rather late but I am going to use this blog as a way to keep myself honest in regards to my workouts. Along with my exercise diary I will post race reviews, thoughts and my most favorite thing..... food. Yup, you guessed it I am a self professed lover of food. Hopefully with this blog I will get the courage to try more healthier foods, such as squash, and finally get out of my comfort zone. Thanks for reading my blog and lets embark on this fitness journey together.

YumYum  :)