Coogans Race

Coogans Race

Sunday, December 29, 2013

I Woke Up Like Dis????

Hello fitties,
    as I sit here and reminisce over all I have learned and experienced through 2013, I must say that I am blessed, smarter, more patient and physically and mentally stronger.
       This year was filled with many self doubts and fears that even through much reassurance from family and friends was not enough for me to get over. I actually had to take time and look over schoolwork, race and test results and even old pictures to see how far I have come and that through all this I am a hard and efficient worker. Now when people give me praise or recognition, instead of trying to get the attention off myself, I say "thank you" while singing I woke up like dis in my head, thanks Beyonce.

    I grew up in 2013, I learned what it really means to forgive, how to remain professional in ridiculously tough situations and how to respectfully stand up for myself. 2014, like 2013, is going to be a year of physical and intellectual growth for me. Fear has become a small obstacle in my life and I see myself doing more fitness wise, business wise and socially. This year I obliterated and went beyond most of my goals. Next year I plan on doing the same. Below are my goals for 2014.

1. Finish my certified personal trainer certifications
2. Gain clients
3. Complete CEU's towards being a certified fitness class instructor
4. Get into a master's program for Speech Pathology and excel
5. Lower my body fat percentage from 24% to 17%
6. Workout more in the gym
7. Finish the Brooklyn Half marathon in under 2 hours
8. Finish the NYC Marathon in under 4:30:00
9. Take more pictures of myself and put them on this blog and my instagram account
10.Complete a spartan race (I think I may go for the sprint challenge, we'll see)
11. Be more computer savvy and update this blog of mine
12. Be more serious with my financial investments
13. Go out more, some may think this is easy but it takes a lot for me to get off my behind and hang out with others. I must remember not everything has to deal with excercise, there are many other things I can do with people.
14. Invest in myself (very important, this can be from my looks, the way I carry myself, educating myself more etc.)
15. Concentrate on areas of my body that I deem weak i.e. inner thighs, upper body and core
16. Lower my running pace by a minute or more per mile
17. Make use of all the cold gear I have bought and run outside
18. Read more
19. Finish this P90X3 program (what the heck did I get myself into????)
20. Obtain and maintain a Beyonce work ethic, 17 well made videos for one album that was not even advertised. This woman deserves more than awards she needs an economics course taught worldwide dedicated to the making and release of this album.

Anyhoot that's all fitties. I will constantly update the blog this week. However, I just want to wish all of you a happy, healthy and successful 2014. I love you all.

P.S.  Knicks I still believe in y'all. I see a great turn around in 2014.


  1. What a list of goals! I'm sure you'll be able to complete them all. Ill be there for both marathons and I have to see the spartan race. You should dress like a spartan that day....sparta! Lol

    You know that beyonce song is the ish....I woke up like dis......

  2. I may dress up like an amazon, rogue or wonderwoman that day. I have to see which costume is cheapest :)

  3. Make it Rogue! You know you loved her when you were a kid.

  4. Make it Rogue! You know you loved her as a kid.

  5. Do it! Don't forget the little bit of silver/grey in her hair.