Coogans Race

Coogans Race

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fasted Cardio?????

Hey Fitties,
   Half marathon training has officially started for the Brooklyn half on May 17th. I want to run a sub 2 hour race however, I just feel so blah about training and running so many miles again. I know I have my goals and I have to put in work to achieve results but I’m at the point where I know long distance running is not my cup of tea. Unless, I’m physically at a race I find my training absolutely boring and uneventful. I actually have more fun lifting and playing sports like tennis and basketball. However, since I registered for the NYC marathon later this year I will just put up and shut up. Maybe during my long runs I will incorporate tabata exercises at certain miles so I can get some variety in my workouts or maybe run and dribble to improve my depleting handle…. who knows?
        I decided to incorporate fasted cardio into some of my workout sessions. Fasted cardio is the practice of waking up and performing cardiovascular exercises without eating breakfast.  Surprisingly, I did not feel weak when running without breakfast Tuesday morning. However, I did eat right after my workout. From my research, I have seen that performing fasted cardio helps to increase V02 max, meaning if performed correctly and routinely my endurance and ability to work at a higher intensity for a longer period of time (or in my case speed) will occur. Many people who have done fasted cardio did it while leaning out for figure competitions. They specifically said that the fasted cardio sessions should not go over an hour. I am going to see if this will help with fat loss and my endurance.
Below is Tuesday’s Workout.
4 mile run and stretch (fasted cardio a.m)
7 minutes stationary bike warm up
4x10 dumbell chest press @ 25lbs
4x10 alternating dumbbell press @ 17.5 lbs
4x10 close grip chest press @ 45 lbs
1x10 diamond pushups
3x12 standard pushups
4x10 dumbell chest flys at 12.5lbs
3x25 pulsing w raises @ 12.5 lbs
2x15 Arnold press @ 12.5 lbs
2x15 hammer curls @ 15lbs

    Well that’s all I did yesterday. I have a feeling I should have done more or maybe lifted more for my pm workout since I do not feel sore at all. Any suggestions??
Until next time fitties.



  1. Did you at least feel sore a few hours (8 or more) after the workout? I am in the same boat - need to train for a half in 4/27 and haven't really started and feeling sort of blah about it. I need to kick it in gear. Thanks for stopping the our WOW Link Up. Don't be a stranger.

    1. Hi Curleedst,
      I didn't feel sore at all which I found weird because I generally think of my upper body as the weakest part of my body. Only time I get sore training my upper body is when I do a lot of pushups or pullups, other than that I'm fine. Also, do you run with anyone. I have found that by promising to run with people I get my long runs done. If not I stay home or just do some other workout.

    2. I do tend to run with others. I actually planned to run with 1 other person tomorrow at 8 am before another snow blast hits! It keeps me accountable. I did run today on my treadmill for 30 minutes so I was very proud of myself. I saw my belly the other day in the mirror and was NOT happy with what I saw so I was determined to get this cardio in to burn some fat.

  2. Oh man I know it's supposed to be good for you but I am terrible at fasted cardio. I usually do a half now half later breakfast thing. I also get really bored during long cardio, and I've recently found audio books (especially light chick lit) really helps make the time pass :)

    1. Cardio such as running or stationary biking bores me however, a turbo jam class gets me pumped. I was actually scared to try fasted cardio outside because I thought I would faint. Question, do you work out an intense rate for your fasted cardio or do you go at a moderate pace? I've gotten conflicting advice about how hard to go when performing cardio without breakfast.
      I just checked out the light chick lit books, they look like they will be absolutely hilarious to read.
      Thanks Amanda :)

    2. I guess I was doing fasted cardio Amanda and Msnaturallyliving and never knew it. I never eat before an early morning workout. At least I did experiment with pre-workout meals and they do help but I get stitch cramps if I run or sprint with food or water on my stomach. Weird I know.

  3. Thanks for visiting WOW. Do you have the study on the fasted cardio? I like to read it.

  4. Hey Sheila,
    I got the article off of, here is the link.