Coogans Race

Coogans Race

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Green Bagels????

Hola Fitties,
    on Sunday I ran the ridiculously hilly Washington Heights 5K. I went in with a goal of 26 minutes or less but unfortunately did not make it. I'm actually disapointed with my self because when I finished the race I noticed I did not give my all. It more felt like a practice run, I wasn't breathing hard nor was I tired. I felt like I ran harder last year, which was my first race ever. Lately, I feel like I psych myself out way too much when running. I'm anxious yes, but when I run I'm constantly looking at my watch or telling myself to slow down or stay on pace with someone else. This thinking has made running rather annoying and sad to me. Before, when I would just go for a run without any goals, thoughts or excuses I would get pretty awesome times. Now, I feel like I am regressing. I know I have to change this way of thinking or else my times/results will get even worse.
    Although I did not PR I did have an awesome time at the 5K. This is like the only race where you get to run so close to the pros. I actually was dumbfounded at .75 miles into the race. The pros blast by us to finish the whole route. I think the fastest time was around fourteen minutes. Yeah, I know that's less than 5 minutes a mile (krazy endurance right???). Also, along the race route bands were playing some awesome music. Ain't nothing like hearing some Neyo while running up a hill.
Please don't judge me, the DJ was playing Willow Smith.... I whip my hair back n forth :)

 Plus, in honor of St. Patty's day they handed out green bagels as the post race snack.They were actually pretty tasty and cool.

 All in all this 5K was a great experience and an eye opener into my negative thinking. Welp, back to training.
Until next time fitties.

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