Coogans Race

Coogans Race

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


   Hello Fitties,
  it's time for the #WOWlinkup!!!! So, lately I have been going to the gym at the crack o dawn and really enjoying it. According to my running schedule, Tuesday's are speed workouts. These workouts range from 2-5 miles depending on the activity for the day. Since, I'm not running outside by myself in the dark, I decided to complete my speeds on the treadmill.

     A very challenging routine that I have been taught and love and hate simultaneously is ladders. Hmmm, how can I explain this? So, with a regular ladder we climb up at first and go down afterwards, that's the gist of a ladder workout. This is how I did mine
750 meters (3 track laps) with  a 60 second rest period
500 meters (2 track laps) 60 sec rest
250 meters (1 track lap) 60 sec rest
250 meters 60 sec rest
500 meters 60 sec rest
750 meters

My rest consists of walking at 3.7-4.0 mph hour pace. So when I finished this workout I actually completed 3.5 miles. I did not keep the speed the same during any of these distances. I gradually increased the speed during each distance with a sprint during the last minute. Say for instance, I started the 750 meters at 6.5mph, I ended it at 8.5. I felt like I was about to burst my esophagus,  lol just joking. This workout was very challenging, next time I do this I will add incline to account for wind resistance and hills that I generally meet when I run outside.

    To cap off the workout, I did some tricep, deltoid and core work to finish up. These were all done with generally light weights.

tricep dips (3x10)
shoulder raises (3x12 @ 7.5 lbs each)
w raises (3 x12 @ 7.5 lbs each) these burn
standing flys (3x12 @ 7.5 lbs)
Standard Pushups (3x12)
Diamond Pushups (3x10)
Arnold press (3x10 @ 15 lbs each)
Tricep kickbacks in runners lunge (3x12 @ 7.5 lbs)
Overhead tricep pulls on cable machine (3x12 @ 25 lbs)
Tricep pulldowns on cable machine (3x12 @30 lbs)
Hanging Knee Raise (3x15)

Well, that's all fitties. How are y'all doing with your workouts? What events are y'all preparing for? Let me know. I totally would like to know how y'all are doing and exchange ideas with all of you.


  1. girl, this post just gave me horrible flashbacks to high school track. I haaaate ladders but they are so good for us....the struggle!!

    1. I know right. I get giddy when I know it's about to be over but for real these things are brutal. Especially when your coach says your second time through should be faster than your 1st

  2. Right now I am getting my mind right around restarting boot camp again! I was preparing for the Iron Girl Half but decided against it since I totally did not train half as much as I should have. This ladder work out seems to be the truth. How long did it take you to finish up? #wowlinkup

  3. Hey Curleedst, the ladders took me about 30 minutes to finish and they are hell but are very helpful for speed and endurance. Your minds right since you are thinking about the boot camp, just jump in. You got this :)

  4. Oh man speed work is so hard but so good for you. Props to you for doing what looks like a super tough one! #wowlinkup

    1. Yes props to Hillsong, Jesus, Joseph and Mary and Beyonce for getting me through that workout LOL. Cuz without some music, that workout would never have occurred.

    2. Haha love it! Music definitely helps with the hard workouts! I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check it out:

    3. OMG, thanks Amanda. I will get to it tonight :)

  5. that picture of Mic on the treadmill is too cute and so me. I've never done a speed workout not sure I could handle it but who knows maybe one day.

    1. Hi Becca,
      LOL, that's how I typically feel when I run on the treadmill. However, try speeds on the treadmill, you will be surprised at what you can do. Some people start at 3.5 and end at 5 mph. Its all about what challenges you.

  6. I'm not preparing for any races, just waiting to ride my bike on the lakefront path this coming week-up. Are those cookies or bagel chips in the first picture at the top of the blog? Visiting from #wowlinkup

    1. Hey Sheila,
      I'm actually going to try a brick (running and biking) workout this Saturday. Haven't ridden outside in six years so I'm uber excited. And yes those are cookies in the pic at the top of my blog; I won them in a raffle :)