Coogans Race

Coogans Race

Friday, December 20, 2013

Bball shorts or leggings? That is the question.

Hola mi gente,
     It's Friday and what does that mean???? It's the weekend o, it's the weekend yassss ;). Today's workout was T25 speed 2.0 and core videos. All I can say is my legs are burning. I did a leg circuit yesterday, which I totally forgot to post....sorry :-/.
     Anyhoot, I just have to talk about this weird encounter I had at the gym on Wednesday. So, as you know I played basketball that day. Well during my last pickup game my shot was on even though we lost. However, I went to give everyone daps and tell them "good game" like I usually do. As i was walking away after shaking hands with one of my opponents, he slapped me on my behind. Now see, I'm actually confused by his actions. I know a smack on the rear is a sign of acceptance or good job when it comes to team sports. But seeing that I was the only woman in the gym and I did not know him at all I felt disrespected. Of course I gave him the death stare and high tailed it off the courts but now I feel like I have to go back to wearing baggy basketball shorts and tees just to avoid such occurrences.
   Has anyone dealt with a situation like this? If so what did you do in response?

I would definitely love to hear from all of you.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Workout for 12-18-13

Hello everyone.
     my job had a holiday luncheon today and I totally gorged on the free pumpkin bread and mashed potatoes they were serving. It was tasty, so I don't regret it. However, I felt bloated throughout the afternoon and evening.
        Anyhoot, my plan was to go to the insanity class at my gym and lift. However, traffic was crazy and I arrived way too late to join the class. So, to get some cardio in I played basketball today and did back and ab work. Below is my workout of the day.

Full court basketball (played for an hour)
Lat pulldowns (3 sets)
Cable crosses  (3 sets)
Standing Rows  (3 sets)
Seated Rows (4 sets)
Tricep pulldowns (3 sets)
Cleans (3 sets of 10)
Tricep dips (3 sets of 20)
supermans (3 sets of 15)
back extensions ( 2 sets of 10)
Kickdowns (3 sets of 15)
Russian Twists (50)
Hanging Knee raise (3 sets of 15)
8 count bodybuilders ( 1 set of 8)

How is everyone doing with their workouts during the holiday season???


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Workout of the Day

Hey everyone,
     the weather is just ugly here in NYC. It's not even winter yet and I swear it has snowed three times already. Since I did not want to risk doing involuntary donuts on the highway tonight, I did my workout at home. Oh yeah, I tried the 8 count body builders that I wrote about yesterday. I was able to get through the 8 reps I promised I would do, however my pushup form was a bit off at the 6th rep. My plan is to add one more rep everyday that I perform bodybuilders. Below is my workout from today. Hope you enjoyed yours.

26 minute spin with intervals of hill climbs and high resistance
step-ups w/ 25lbs (2x10 each leg)
Toe touches on bench (holding 30 lbs) 1 minute
single leg squats (3x12)
Single leg step downs ( using 30 lbs 15 each leg)
Squat with high knee and overhead press (using 20 lbs 15 each leg)
deadlifts (3x15 using 50 lbs)
Side front delt (using 10 lbs per arm, one set of 15)
Jump lunge with row (alternating 30x)
Pushups (20)
1 leg lateral jumps (2x15 each leg)
1 leg front jumps (2x15 each leg)
leg raises (3x12)
Rows (3x15)
8 count body builders (1 set of 8)
Squat with chair (3x12 using 25 lbs)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Step Class and Circuits

    Yes, I know. When the majority of people hear step class they immediately think of the fluorescent powered vids of the 80s such as Buns of Steel or Richard Simmons and his fantastic fro. But I digress, step aerobics is making a major comeback and is actually........ challenging.
     Monday's workout was, yes you guessed it, step aerobics and strength/cardio circuits. This class consisted of multiple step ups, squat straddles, high knees, more high knees, pushups, planks and mountain climbers. Although I am not tired right now I know when I wake up my legs will feel like jello. Which I like because I know the exercises I performed are working.
   The 30 for 30 burpee challenge is over tomorrow and I did not stay consistent :(. However, from all the burpees I have performed I gained stamina. Before I was only able to complete 10 burpees at a tempo pace straight. Now I can go through 20 without taking a break or shaking out my legs :-). The next exercise I am going to try is the 8 count body builder. They are a variation of burpees that consists of complex movements. Hopefully, I will be able to increase the amount of pushups I can do with this exercise.
      Check the 8 count body builder tutorial below. I'm aiming to complete a set of 8 reps without taking a break. Somebody pray for me.


All Mizunos Go to Heaven.

     Alas, it is time that I bid farewell to my Mizuno Wave Inspire 9's. It has been a blissful five months of training, step classes and races with you but, it is time for retirement (and no, your not coming back like Michael Jordan).

  See the reason why my sneakers must be put to rest is because I logged in over 300 miles in them. Plus, the heel has eroded and my sneaker is leaning inwards (Please reference the photo above). The yellow scribble you see in the pic is the gap between my sneaker and the floor. This may not seem like a big deal to most but changing sneakers when they get old like this helps me to prevent injury and unnecessary foot pain. Cause we all know swapping or buying new sneakers when your current one's get old is much cheaper than going to the podiatrist or orthopedic doctor.
    Anyhoot, I think I am going to take off these wings and unleash them when it is time for my next  race :).


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Did I Just Pay to Run in the Snow?????

Hola everyone,
   sorry my posts have been rather erratic. I have not divulged this, but a part of my fitness regimen is running. In February of 2013 I joined #Blackgirlsrun and went through a world-wind journey of distance running and races. Yesterday I participated in #NYRR's Ted Corbitt 15k. It was a difficult race, especially because of the snow, but I got through it. This race was extremely special to me because I ran in honor of a legendary man.
      Ted Corbitt was one of the first Blacks to run the olympic marathon, he was one of the founding forefathers and first president of NYRR and he helped found and start the NYC marathon. Also, this was my last race for 2013. I will still run for the remainder of the year, however it may be on the treadmill only. This should be a rest day but I think I will still workout today. If so I will post the exercises I performed today.