Coogans Race

Coogans Race

Friday, December 20, 2013

Bball shorts or leggings? That is the question.

Hola mi gente,
     It's Friday and what does that mean???? It's the weekend o, it's the weekend yassss ;). Today's workout was T25 speed 2.0 and core videos. All I can say is my legs are burning. I did a leg circuit yesterday, which I totally forgot to post....sorry :-/.
     Anyhoot, I just have to talk about this weird encounter I had at the gym on Wednesday. So, as you know I played basketball that day. Well during my last pickup game my shot was on even though we lost. However, I went to give everyone daps and tell them "good game" like I usually do. As i was walking away after shaking hands with one of my opponents, he slapped me on my behind. Now see, I'm actually confused by his actions. I know a smack on the rear is a sign of acceptance or good job when it comes to team sports. But seeing that I was the only woman in the gym and I did not know him at all I felt disrespected. Of course I gave him the death stare and high tailed it off the courts but now I feel like I have to go back to wearing baggy basketball shorts and tees just to avoid such occurrences.
   Has anyone dealt with a situation like this? If so what did you do in response?

I would definitely love to hear from all of you.


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