Coogans Race

Coogans Race

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fasted Cardio?????

Hey Fitties,
   Half marathon training has officially started for the Brooklyn half on May 17th. I want to run a sub 2 hour race however, I just feel so blah about training and running so many miles again. I know I have my goals and I have to put in work to achieve results but I’m at the point where I know long distance running is not my cup of tea. Unless, I’m physically at a race I find my training absolutely boring and uneventful. I actually have more fun lifting and playing sports like tennis and basketball. However, since I registered for the NYC marathon later this year I will just put up and shut up. Maybe during my long runs I will incorporate tabata exercises at certain miles so I can get some variety in my workouts or maybe run and dribble to improve my depleting handle…. who knows?
        I decided to incorporate fasted cardio into some of my workout sessions. Fasted cardio is the practice of waking up and performing cardiovascular exercises without eating breakfast.  Surprisingly, I did not feel weak when running without breakfast Tuesday morning. However, I did eat right after my workout. From my research, I have seen that performing fasted cardio helps to increase V02 max, meaning if performed correctly and routinely my endurance and ability to work at a higher intensity for a longer period of time (or in my case speed) will occur. Many people who have done fasted cardio did it while leaning out for figure competitions. They specifically said that the fasted cardio sessions should not go over an hour. I am going to see if this will help with fat loss and my endurance.
Below is Tuesday’s Workout.
4 mile run and stretch (fasted cardio a.m)
7 minutes stationary bike warm up
4x10 dumbell chest press @ 25lbs
4x10 alternating dumbbell press @ 17.5 lbs
4x10 close grip chest press @ 45 lbs
1x10 diamond pushups
3x12 standard pushups
4x10 dumbell chest flys at 12.5lbs
3x25 pulsing w raises @ 12.5 lbs
2x15 Arnold press @ 12.5 lbs
2x15 hammer curls @ 15lbs

    Well that’s all I did yesterday. I have a feeling I should have done more or maybe lifted more for my pm workout since I do not feel sore at all. Any suggestions??
Until next time fitties.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

O, it's been a while peeps

Hey Fitties,
    Its been a minute since I posted. Last week I fell off my workout routine because of school work. However, I'm glad to say that I did well on my assignments and managed to eat clean most of the week ;). Sunday I wasn't in the mood to do a long run. So instead I did speed ladders on the treadmill.
Below is Sunday's workout.
-2 rounds of speed ladders (250m, 500m, 750m with 2 minute speed walk in between)
-12 minutes stair climber @ level 7(I definitely need to do this more)
-3x12 seated leg press @ 270lbs
-1x8 seated leg press @360lbs (yeah baby)
-3x10 seated single leg press @90 lbs
-4x10 squats @135lbs
-4x10 dead lifts @ 135lbs
-3x12 squat machine @ 270lbs 1 extra set of 8 @ 360lbs
-4x12 calf raise @ 270lbs
-3x10 cable single leg dead lifts @20 lbs
-4x10 leg swings @20 lbs
-4x10 pistol squats to chair( I find this so hard to do on my right leg)
-40 deep overhead squats @20 lbs
       I woke up Monday morning feeling horrible. The right side of my body from the neck to the ankle was painfully tight. I thought I had an injury but went to work anyway. When I got home I decided to stretch and foam roll for an hour. This helped immensely. What I have noticed is that I definitely need to stretch and foam roll more especially after heavy lifting sessions.
Well that's all for the moment, I will post Tuesday's workout tonight.
That's all fitties.