Coogans Race

Coogans Race

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

O, it's been a while peeps

Hey Fitties,
    Its been a minute since I posted. Last week I fell off my workout routine because of school work. However, I'm glad to say that I did well on my assignments and managed to eat clean most of the week ;). Sunday I wasn't in the mood to do a long run. So instead I did speed ladders on the treadmill.
Below is Sunday's workout.
-2 rounds of speed ladders (250m, 500m, 750m with 2 minute speed walk in between)
-12 minutes stair climber @ level 7(I definitely need to do this more)
-3x12 seated leg press @ 270lbs
-1x8 seated leg press @360lbs (yeah baby)
-3x10 seated single leg press @90 lbs
-4x10 squats @135lbs
-4x10 dead lifts @ 135lbs
-3x12 squat machine @ 270lbs 1 extra set of 8 @ 360lbs
-4x12 calf raise @ 270lbs
-3x10 cable single leg dead lifts @20 lbs
-4x10 leg swings @20 lbs
-4x10 pistol squats to chair( I find this so hard to do on my right leg)
-40 deep overhead squats @20 lbs
       I woke up Monday morning feeling horrible. The right side of my body from the neck to the ankle was painfully tight. I thought I had an injury but went to work anyway. When I got home I decided to stretch and foam roll for an hour. This helped immensely. What I have noticed is that I definitely need to stretch and foam roll more especially after heavy lifting sessions.
Well that's all for the moment, I will post Tuesday's workout tonight.
That's all fitties.

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