Coogans Race

Coogans Race

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Workout of the Day

Hey everyone,
     the weather is just ugly here in NYC. It's not even winter yet and I swear it has snowed three times already. Since I did not want to risk doing involuntary donuts on the highway tonight, I did my workout at home. Oh yeah, I tried the 8 count body builders that I wrote about yesterday. I was able to get through the 8 reps I promised I would do, however my pushup form was a bit off at the 6th rep. My plan is to add one more rep everyday that I perform bodybuilders. Below is my workout from today. Hope you enjoyed yours.

26 minute spin with intervals of hill climbs and high resistance
step-ups w/ 25lbs (2x10 each leg)
Toe touches on bench (holding 30 lbs) 1 minute
single leg squats (3x12)
Single leg step downs ( using 30 lbs 15 each leg)
Squat with high knee and overhead press (using 20 lbs 15 each leg)
deadlifts (3x15 using 50 lbs)
Side front delt (using 10 lbs per arm, one set of 15)
Jump lunge with row (alternating 30x)
Pushups (20)
1 leg lateral jumps (2x15 each leg)
1 leg front jumps (2x15 each leg)
leg raises (3x12)
Rows (3x15)
8 count body builders (1 set of 8)
Squat with chair (3x12 using 25 lbs)

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