Coogans Race

Coogans Race

Monday, December 16, 2013

Step Class and Circuits

    Yes, I know. When the majority of people hear step class they immediately think of the fluorescent powered vids of the 80s such as Buns of Steel or Richard Simmons and his fantastic fro. But I digress, step aerobics is making a major comeback and is actually........ challenging.
     Monday's workout was, yes you guessed it, step aerobics and strength/cardio circuits. This class consisted of multiple step ups, squat straddles, high knees, more high knees, pushups, planks and mountain climbers. Although I am not tired right now I know when I wake up my legs will feel like jello. Which I like because I know the exercises I performed are working.
   The 30 for 30 burpee challenge is over tomorrow and I did not stay consistent :(. However, from all the burpees I have performed I gained stamina. Before I was only able to complete 10 burpees at a tempo pace straight. Now I can go through 20 without taking a break or shaking out my legs :-). The next exercise I am going to try is the 8 count body builder. They are a variation of burpees that consists of complex movements. Hopefully, I will be able to increase the amount of pushups I can do with this exercise.
      Check the 8 count body builder tutorial below. I'm aiming to complete a set of 8 reps without taking a break. Somebody pray for me.


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