Coogans Race

Coogans Race

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Running Challenge Donesies

Hello fitties,
      for Christmas week I joined a running challenge created by one of the members of the National Black Marathoners Association @NBMA for Christmas called sleigh runner on the Nike running app. I decided to participate in the 12 mile challenge for the week of December 23rd - 29th. Surprisingly, I actually finished it this morning. With all of the training I have done for half marathons this year my enthusiasm towards races and long runs has been depleted. However, with this challenge I divided my runs into lovely short runs. I was challenged during all my runs and actually felt like my speed and stamina improved. Next week I will participate in a 15 mile challenge. I'm quite sure if I make it to scheduled +BlackGirlsRun  workouts I will be able to obliterate this challenge.
          Below are the workouts I performed on Friday and Saturday, enjoy :).


2 mile tempo treadmill run

Back, triceps and biceps
Lat pulldowns (4x10 going up in 10 lb increments, stared at 45)
Cable hammer curl  (3x10 going up in 5lb increments, started at 45lbs)
Cable curl (3x12 going up in 5lb increments, started at 45lbs)
Cable overhead triceps extension (3x10 @ 20 lbs)
Standing Cable Pullover (3x12 @ 45lbs)
Overhead press (3x12 @ 30lbs)
Bicep curls with bar (3x12 @ 30 lbs)
Bench Press(3x10 @ 65lbs)
Pullups (2x3) Yaasss!!!!!
Incline Barbell row (3x8 @ 45 lbs)
Single Arm Standing Rows  (2x12 @ 20 lbs)
Rope tricep pressdowns (3 x12 @ 30lbs)
Cleans (3x6 @50 lbs)

2.3 mile run
1.7 mile hill repeat (uphill sprint, downward very slow jog)

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