Coogans Race

Coogans Race

Friday, January 3, 2014

Mankofit Challenge

Hello Fitties,
    this snowstorm has me going through cabin fever. Right now all i want to do is eat cookies doused in speculoos and ice cream. Thankfully, I only have speculoos in my house so I was only able to eat it with an apple but trust me I fantasized about having cookies all day while snowed in. I am quite sure I lost my number 6 place in my nike running challenge but I am going to get to the gym and complete my 7 miles this weekend even if I have to shovel my way there. Anyhoot, yesterday's workout consisted of abs and the warrior P90X3 workout. I did not think it was challlenging at first but when I woke up sore I was like yeah Tony Horton wasn't playing with this one. Today's workout was 30 minutes of spinning consisting of 15 minutes of high resistance intervals and the #Mankofit_challenge. If any of you have instagram I seriously recommend that you check her page out. She posts a lot of challenging and fun workouts plus her dance moves at the end of each workout are friggin amazing. Below is the workout she posted. The walkouts literally killed me. I was going to give up after the 3rd set but she said to complete the circuit five times so I listened to her.

   Have a great workout fitties.

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