Coogans Race

Coogans Race

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Workouts for the week

Hola fitties,
    although I was lamenting about my physical progress earlier this week, I still was getting my workouts in. Below is a list of all the programs and exercises I performed during the week.

Body Beast Tris and chest
Nike Trainer Club 15 minute Ab blast

3.4 mile speed circuit on treadmill

30 crunches
30 cross crunches
20 kickdowns
20 bicycles
30 flutter kicks
20 heel touches
60 second plank
20 superman
3x20 swimmers

Bootay n legs
2x20 donkey kicks
2x15 fire hydrants
4x12 squat press (incresing weight, started @ 180lbs ended @ 270)
4x 10 single leg squat press ( stayed @ 90 lbs)
4x12 deadlifts (stayed @ 135lbs)
4x12 squat machine (stayed @ 270 lbs)
3x10 reverse lunges (135 lbs)

Insanity Asylum Plyometrics
Body Beast Shoulders
Body Beast Abs

Nike Training club Ab workout
3.7 mile tempo run on treadmill
P90x back and legs

3.1 mile conversation pace treadmill run
30 minutes of full court basketball (we lost :()

4 mile outdoor run
Body Beast Abs
Body Beast Back and biceps

Well that's all folks. I will update you with my menu for next week and get the ball rolling on eating clean. Until next time fitties.

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